We are on a dangerous trajectory to make vaccines mandatory for all without exemption.


THERE IS NOTHING LIKE a strong geographical pattern to impress upon the human mind that something is real.  And if that something is real, it may be important.

Look at this map of migrational groups (identified by genetics from 770,000 vials of saliva.  It contains the migratory history of the genes found in groups of people as they settled, or were settled, into specific regions over the last 9 generations.  The strong patterning reflects real differences in genetic ancestry, and with those differences, there are, no doubt, also differences in the genetic risk of specific diseases, disorders, conditions, and susceptibilities.


Source: Ancestry.com

An entire field of Phamarcogenomics (PGX) has been focusing on understanding how genes, geography, and histories of human populations might be useful toward tailoring  (see review of human loci involved in drug biotransformation by Maisano and Fueselli, 2013).

The study that produced the data for this map…

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Getting right to the point.


darkagesIN THE PRACTICE OF MODERN MEDICINE, and the conduct of modern biomedical research, to utter any expression that approaches questions of the safety of vaccines is to commit heresy.

Individual practicioners are losing their jobs; important research is going undone.  Individual press outlets exist under the threat of loss of advertising funding if they publish objective news reports on studies that relate vaccines to risk of neurodevelopmental disorders.  Autism is clearly medical, and has a biological basis (the human brain is, after all, a biological organ).

The phenomenological models of autism have nevertheless given sway to more mechanistic studies; even genetic studies are good as they point to specific impact pathways.  Theses studies leave room for 50% environmental influences, and yet no study has been conducted to find the genetic variation that exists that contributes to the risk of adverse events from vaccines.

To conduct those studies is taboo…

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Posted by: Calilo | June 25, 2017

Aluminum in Vaccines: History and Toxicity.

a evidence-based, heartfelt blog.

Here is the Toxicological Profile on Aluminum, prepared by the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, or ATSDR.

If you were to read through the 300+ pages of this report, you would find that it’s full of information on scientific research which aims to determine the effect of aluminum exposure on the body – whether ingested, inhaled, etc., at what exposure limit it has been found safe or harmful, and the scientific research which supports the proposed safe limits. You would also find that the amount of aluminum that is allowed in a vaccine is 0.85mg/dose (or 850mcg). However, there’s some important information missing when it comes to understanding why this amount was chosen.

Where does this number come from?

This dose was scientifically determined to be the amount of aluminum which is most effective when used as an adjuvant in vaccines. This is the amount of aluminum…

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Vaccination: What are a Doctor’s Responsibilities?




We have read hundreds of newspaper reports on vaccines stating the same mantra on vaccines: they are safe, and effective, and that vaccines do not cause autism.   I share, on a weekly basis, dozens of peer-reviewed research articles with colleagues who hold august positions in Universities that say otherwise. The NIH has called for research proposals to make currently licensed vaccines safer. The medical community of professionals has a strong culture, a tradition of healing that goes back thousands of years. They interface directly with the public in private, one:one dialogs.  As a political force, they are strong.  But they are becoming less cohesive, and increasingly less responsive to their fundamental ethos: first, do no harm.

To maintain cohesion, tough discussion, disagreements and compromises are necessary in the exploration and journey from past medical practices and newer medical practices.  For the individual doctor, it is often easier to remain conservative…

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Why should I put my health at risk? Who is the selfish one? I would never ask healthy people to put their health at risk on my behalf. NEVER. I would adjust my life for my condition or that of my child’s. Seems selfish to ask the greater population to take a health risk on my behalf when I could protect myself without putting others at risk.

Walking In Quicksand

CDC, I’m talking to you. Media, I’m talking to you. Pediatricians, I’m talking to you. Parents who shame other parents, I’m talking to you. Using immunocompromised people as pawns in a vaccine-pushing agenda that twists scientific data to manipulate emotions is abhorrent.

As the mother of a child with an immunodeficiency, I can say with certainty there is no human on this planet who cares more about his health and well being than I do. I can also say with certainty that the push to vaccinate for the sake of the immunocompromised has nothing to do with science and everything to do with an agenda.

Once upon a time, listening only to propaganda and not bothering to read the fine print, I lined up for the flu shot to “protect” my son. That was before I understood these facts.

Vaccine induced herd immunity doesn’t exist. You, of course, are supposed…

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Dear Boston Herald… (about that “hanging”)

I still find it incredibly difficult to comprehend what keeps some minds so closed to exploring a controversial topic and why one can disregard with such ease those who have no other motivation but to warn others of possible harm. I look to the field to see what is possible because probability can only be determined where there is possibility and that is fundamental in the scientific process. I find it sad and ironic that those calling vax aware parents science deniers, are themselves the biggest offenders calling for a halt to the scientific process and the removal of informed consent for an invasive and risky medical procedure.


Dear Editor,

I am responding to Rachelle Cohen’s editorial entitled, “Preying on Parents’ Fear” published in your newspaper on May 8, 2017.

It is evident from her commentary that Ms. Cohen has done no legitimate investigation into the topic of vaccines, the vaccine-autism connection, the work of Dr. Andrew Wakefield, or any of the medically grounded reasons why Somali immigrants or others might possibly eschew vaccines. Rather, she has engaged in spreading untruths and lies unbefitting a publication that deems itself reputable.

Suggesting that people be killed—by hanging, no less—for their thoughtfully made healthcare decisions, including the decision about what immune-altering pharmaceutical products to inject into their bodies and the bodies of their children, is irresponsible and reckless.

In the United States we have the right to informed medical consent, which includes the right to refuse treatment and the right to choose how to treat illness when it…

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The INFJ Personality Type

Me, basically.


PictureOften misunderstood due to their complexities, their mysterious aura never fails to bewilder onlookers and acquaintances.

These people are driven by an inner vision of the future possibilities generated by their dominant function – Introverted Intuition (Ni). To support this, they have their auxiliary function – Extraverted Feeling (Fe) – which orientates them toward people, tells them to keep harmony, and urges them to blend in with the surrounding environment.

This inner vision for the future involves people too. If you have an INFJ in your life that you are really close to then you can probably rest assured that you are included in their vision too. Unless of course, they secretly hate you because you crossed the line and broke one of their inner laws…

Anyway, this vision of theirs is completely internal and is kept hidden from all. Unless you can pierce the tough barrier that INFJ’s tend to always have up. But even if you…

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Walking In Quicksand

Tuesday, the American Journal of Public Health published a study showing children with autism are 40 times more likely to die from injury than their typically developing peers. The average life expectancy for those with autism is just 36 years, a shocking contrast to the typical life expectancy of 72 years for the general public [1].

These grim statistics are no surprise for millions of parents who struggle to keep their children with autism safe each day. Those not personally impacted by autism tend to entirely ignore the fact that autism is associated with risks. Parents of children with autism, especially those who stop vaccinating following regression, are often barraged with comments that dismiss the dangers their children face.

-I’d rather have a child with autism than a dead one!

-I’d rather my child have autism than the measles!

-You don’t have the right to put my child at risk…

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My Challenge to the Medical Community

Show the safety science on which preemie vaccination was based or quit using vulnerable infants and families as guinea pigs. That is all.


I HAVE BEEN RECEIVING unsolicited, disturbing reports from people around the country asking me if I am aware that Neonatal Intensive Care Units have begun vaccinating pre-term, underweight infants.

Given that the safety levels of aluminum are not well established (the “limits” used in vaccines are based on efficacy, not safety), this is a likely nightmare scenario.

I therefore challenge the medical community to produce the study, or studies, that form(s) the scientific basis for this vaccination public health policy shift.


Submissions made before April 30th will be considered.  I will read the studies with an objective eye. If no such studies can be produced, I will invite every organization involved in public health concerns to join The Institute for Pure and Applied Knowledge in a call for a National Ban on the use of vaccines on low birthweight and pre-term infants.

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A Killer In Your Fridge ~ Sweet Poison…A MUST READ

Rhonda Gessner

In October of 2001, my sister started getting very sick. She had stomach spasms and she was having a hard time getting around. Walking was a major chore. It took everything she had just to get out of bed; she was in so much pain.

By March 2002, she had undergone several tissue and muscle biopsies and was on 24 various prescription medications. The doctors could not determine what was wrong with her. She was in so much pain, and so sick she just knew she was dying.

She put her house, bank accounts, life insurance, etc., in her oldest daughter’s name, and made sure that her younger children were to be taken care of.

She also wanted her last hooray, so she planned a trip to Florida (basically in a wheelchair) for March 22nd.

On March 19, I called her to ask how her most recent tests went, and…

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