Posted by: Calilo | March 3, 2015

Question: Which diet is right for you?

Answer: The diet that is right for you is the one which fits your beliefs and makes you feel at your best health.

Question: So, to find the right diet for you, do you rely on a trained licensed, certified and /or regulated nutrition professional, like a Registered Dietitian (RD) or Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS) or do you follow someone similar to you who is achieving (or has achieved) the success you desire and is sharing how they did it on the internet?

Answer: We need many voices, free flow of information, the environment to create rather than limit choices, and the freedom to choose.

The Wisdom of Crowds says that the way to come to the best answer is by including many in the discussion beyond just experts.

Nuggets of truth are often found in the trenches with the trial and error done by people who are motivated to find the answers.

Those most motivated to find the answers that lead to better health are the people who are dealing with a chronic issue themselves or with someone they love.

No two people are alike, so there can never be one right diet for all or one right source for information.

Healing and achieving your best health is an Art, not a Science.


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