Posted by: Calilo | June 4, 2015

Health is Complicated in the 21st Century

Legislation has been introduced in the California Assembly that would require cleaning products to fully label ingredients, including FRAGRANCE.

‘Fragrance’ is where they hide all the bad stuff and could number in the dozens of ingredients (or more) for a single ‘fragrance’ listing.

Even if you use home-made or trusted cleaning products at home, you have no control over the environments of your friend’s and family’s homes as well as public places. You have ZERO chance of identifying the offending chemical when it is hidden. At least there is a chance to identify and avoid with this legislation…. if it passes. If you are politically inclined, take a minute to send an email or make a call to support it.

And, pay attention to how you feel. It may NOT be food. Consider a chemical source in your personal care products, in your cleaning products, in the environment of the places you live and go.

Once I realized one reaction I had was to a contact/airborne chemical, I began noticing other reactions to chemicals. Though most reactions seem minor and are fleeting, the consequences to my health are undetermined.

It is a personal choice to just give in to modern society and deal with the ills it may cause you or to make some changes in your personal life and make your voice heard, so do what your heart tells you to do.

My heart tells me to fight, if I want to complain. And, I want to complain because it is getting harder and harder to just feel good from eating right, exercising, managing stress and sleep… basically, doing all the right things and still being hit with things I have no control over.

Support the Cleaning Product Right to Know Act here –>


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