Posted by: Calilo | June 14, 2016

You don’t have bad genes

It is never just GENES or just ENVIRONMENT. It is nearly ALWAYS both.

Levi Quackenboss

ep-a-je-ne-tiks: heritable changes that are not caused by changes in the DNA sequence. Also known as the “bad genes” responsible for the epigenetic epidemic.

fat family copy

Have you ever heard that someone has bad genes to blame for the obesity, autism, or cancer that runs in their family?  Don’t buy it– it’s a load of crap.  There’s no such thing as a genetic epidemic. It takes a million years to effect evolutionary change in the genes of our DNA– if you even believe in evolution.  I don’t want to piss off my Weston A. Price readers and DMT psychonauts.

Imagine a young adult today.  They’ve been bombarded by all of the usual environmental toxins in our food, water, air, and medicine for their first 20 years of life. The impact that toxic load has is to switch on the “bad genes” that were already present in their genetic makeup, and cause those…

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