Posted by: Calilo | June 27, 2016

The Pharma Bulls are Loose, and it’s the End of Democracy in America

Check your beliefs. How did you come to those beliefs? Open your mind to new information. It may or may not change your beliefs, but at least you can say that you have looked objectively at both sides.


Author’s Note: This article got me banned from authoring on  DailyKos. Which is really sad: I had long respected to Kos as a source of free-thought articles. I reproduce it here, with the comments from those policing the site for articles, comments, and readers who want to share the truth about the 1,000’s of research studies showing that vaccines can cause autism in some people. I reproduce it here for fear of them deleting the article, as they wantonly delete comments they do not agree with. Daily Kos is therefore biased, and not an open forum. Agree or disagree with my posts, I approve all comments (except those that say you can make $$$$ working from home, etc.)


A free and open market is a conservative’s dream.Laissez-faire policies mean freedom of markets to explore, and evolve. Competition, the argument goes, drives innovation, and innovation means better goods and services for consumers…

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