Posted by: Calilo | July 18, 2016

Mast Cell Activation Diseases and Me

Good info here… my question, as always, is ‘Why?” What is the cause? When will the CDC acknowledge the epidemics our country is stricken by? Perhaps because identifying and eliminating the cause would hit the bottom line of too many industries.

The Sick Person's Guide to the Immune System

My experience with Mastocytosis, a rare often undiagnosed allergic disorder.

Disclaimer: Obviously, this is not intended to diagnose anyone, it may not be applicable or even relevant to others, it?s more like it?s intended to be a launching point for people or their doctors to do their own research. You?ll also likely need to research your own specific symptoms and other possible causes, drug risks/interactions, fillers and additives in medications etc etc. for your specific needs and symptoms.


For most of my life I went undiagnosed. Then misdiagnoses I have had that were right about my symptoms but not the underlying root cause of my mysterious varied lifelong chronic illness. They turned out to be symptoms of a much more systemic problem. In early stages was GERD, IBSand SIBO. Later, Asthma, food allergies/intolerances, Eosinophilic Esophagitis(biopsy), multiple chemical sensitivity (suggested) and Crohn?s or Celiac Disease (tested…

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