Posted by: Calilo | May 27, 2017

Quit Using Immunocompromised People to Promote Your Vaccine Agenda

Why should I put my health at risk? Who is the selfish one? I would never ask healthy people to put their health at risk on my behalf. NEVER. I would adjust my life for my condition or that of my child’s. Seems selfish to ask the greater population to take a health risk on my behalf when I could protect myself without putting others at risk.

Walking In Quicksand

CDC, I’m talking to you. Media, I’m talking to you. Pediatricians, I’m talking to you. Parents who shame other parents, I’m talking to you. Using immunocompromised people as pawns in a vaccine-pushing agenda that twists scientific data to manipulate emotions is abhorrent.

As the mother of a child with an immunodeficiency, I can say with certainty there is no human on this planet who cares more about his health and well being than I do. I can also say with certainty that the push to vaccinate for the sake of the immunocompromised has nothing to do with science and everything to do with an agenda.

Once upon a time, listening only to propaganda and not bothering to read the fine print, I lined up for the flu shot to “protect” my son. That was before I understood these facts.

Vaccine induced herd immunity doesn’t exist. You, of course, are supposed…

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