Posted by: Calilo | June 25, 2017

Vaccination: What are a Doctor’s Responsibilities?



We have read hundreds of newspaper reports on vaccines stating the same mantra on vaccines: they are safe, and effective, and that vaccines do not cause autism.   I share, on a weekly basis, dozens of peer-reviewed research articles with colleagues who hold august positions in Universities that say otherwise. The NIH has called for research proposals to make currently licensed vaccines safer. The medical community of professionals has a strong culture, a tradition of healing that goes back thousands of years. They interface directly with the public in private, one:one dialogs.  As a political force, they are strong.  But they are becoming less cohesive, and increasingly less responsive to their fundamental ethos: first, do no harm.

To maintain cohesion, tough discussion, disagreements and compromises are necessary in the exploration and journey from past medical practices and newer medical practices.  For the individual doctor, it is often easier to remain conservative…

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