Posted by: Calilo | June 29, 2017

Behold! The “The Dark Ages of Immunization Medicine” are NOW, George Takei and John Oliver

Getting right to the point.


darkagesIN THE PRACTICE OF MODERN MEDICINE, and the conduct of modern biomedical research, to utter any expression that approaches questions of the safety of vaccines is to commit heresy.

Individual practicioners are losing their jobs; important research is going undone.  Individual press outlets exist under the threat of loss of advertising funding if they publish objective news reports on studies that relate vaccines to risk of neurodevelopmental disorders.  Autism is clearly medical, and has a biological basis (the human brain is, after all, a biological organ).

The phenomenological models of autism have nevertheless given sway to more mechanistic studies; even genetic studies are good as they point to specific impact pathways.  Theses studies leave room for 50% environmental influences, and yet no study has been conducted to find the genetic variation that exists that contributes to the risk of adverse events from vaccines.

To conduct those studies is taboo…

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