Posted by: Calilo | August 20, 2017

Does Vaccine Risk Have a Geographic Component? The Case for Vaccine Safety Screening

We are on a dangerous trajectory to make vaccines mandatory for all without exemption.

THERE IS NOTHING LIKE a strong geographical pattern to impress upon the human mind that something is real.  And if that something is real, it may be important.

Look at this map of migrational groups (identified by genetics from 770,000 vials of saliva.  It contains the migratory history of the genes found in groups of people as they settled, or were settled, into specific regions over the last 9 generations.  The strong patterning reflects real differences in genetic ancestry, and with those differences, there are, no doubt, also differences in the genetic risk of specific diseases, disorders, conditions, and susceptibilities.



An entire field of Phamarcogenomics (PGX) has been focusing on understanding how genes, geography, and histories of human populations might be useful toward tailoring  (see review of human loci involved in drug biotransformation by Maisano and Fueselli, 2013).

The study that produced the data for this map…

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