Posted by: Calilo | September 12, 2017

“Detoxing” from Fake Skepticism: Should We Really Be Worried About Environmental Exposures? 

Never stop questioning? First, it is not scientific. Second, free flow of information is grease that keeps the wheels of capitalism turning. People must have the information so that they can make informed decisions about the environment they choose to live in.


We see many social skeptics speaking about “detoxification” and how it is a scam. We are told that the term “detox” is merely used to swindle credulous people into buying supplements and making lifestyle changes which have no proof of effectiveness. We are told something along the lines of “Detox is just “anti-scientific” nonsense that has no scientific evidence. The scientists and doctors who talk about detoxification are just charlatan cranks. We have our liver and kidneys to detox us AND the dose makes the poison. The industry regulates chemicals and they are all safe in the amounts they are present in.” If you read from common social skeptic websites and so-called “sci-communicators” this will sound very familiar to you, as it is regularly pushed by those who hold this viewpoint.

(Below is an example image from a social skeptic that illustrates this viewpoint).

Is what they’re saying…

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