Posted by: Calilo | October 20, 2017

On Dying Kings and Illusions of Knowledge of Disease Processes, and Common Enemies of the ‘Antivax’/’Provax’ Enclaves

Today, in the media coverage for the bad lot of flu vaccines they say there is no safety issue, but come and get another vax because we are unsure if it worked. Can’t they just test tites to see if it worked? What a bunch of BS… just get another vax.

IT IS TEMPTING to choose sides in the “debate” that is more like a circus of the media panicking and screaming “VACCINES ARE SAFE” (really?  clearly not for everyone!)  and the so-called “Anti-vax” (how I loathe that term, so I use “Vaccine Risk Aware”) side claiming that vaccines had nothing to do with the downturn of infectious pathogens (in some cases they didn’t – no vaccine for TB, for example, and it followed the same trend).  When I say “claiming” I say it because the history of vaccination includes doctors exploring inoculations on their own dating far, far, far before disease rates were adequately tracked.

‘The Woe is Me’ Part

I’ve been harangued by pro-vax “trolls” and “shills” (although I try to never call them names) and by hard-core, self-described anti-vaxxers alike.  The greater part of the AV crowd seems to get that I’m just a scientist, and as such…

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