Posted by: Calilo | November 25, 2017

21 alternative rituals to the baby well check

“Go for these injections 5 times in 18 months, and the tribe will deem your child to be cleansed.”

Levi Quackenboss


It was September 2014. The CDC Whistleblower story was gaining momentum; breaking out of the non-vax echo chamber. There was a battle of the citizen journalist iReports. CNN was forced to respond. The CDC had no choice but to issue a statement to CNN and put another out on their website. Dr. Thompson weighed in through his lawyer. Brian Hooker’s reanalysis was published in a journal, and immediately retracted. Snopes was on the case.

I would giddily call Liam Scheff almost every night, after every new development. “This is it, buddy!” I’d say. “We’re finally going to be heard. It’s all falling apart now. The truth is coming out.”

And he’d make a little whine of disbelief, like he was thinking about it, and then laugh. He’d tell me I was wrong. He’d say that we would never, ever break through. “It” was never going to fall apart. No matter…

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