Posted by: Calilo | November 27, 2017

Australia vaccination; all doctors under the gun; minister of health keeps lying

Doctors need to take a stand right now. Tell the health minister to prove the vaccine schedule is safe by stepping up and willingly submitting to what she is asking of children. Do the n=1 and demand gold standard test results or GTFO. Seriously.

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Australia vaccination: all doctors under the gun: minister of health keeps lying

by Jon Rappoport

November 25, 2017

Welcome to the Australian state of Victoria, where the minister of health, Jill Hennessy, has just put all doctors under the gun.

Vaccinating every child has become so important to Hennessey, she’s declared that a doctor who writes an exemption will be ignored. In fact, that doctor, by implication, will be considered “rogue.”

He could have his license to practice stripped. He could be prosecuted. He could be denied a way to earn a living.

Instead, in order to allow a child an exemption from taking vaccines, evidence must be shown from some sort of medical registry. How this system will work is not clear.

What is clear: In violation of privacy, all children’s medical records and history will be recorded and made available to health/government authorities, who will then see whether…

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