Posted by: Calilo | December 6, 2017

Zika vs. Aluminum: Double Standards on Levels of Evidence and Media Liability

Mainstream Media FAIL. Journalists, take back your profession. You are supposed to be the watchdog, but instead you have turned into the lapdog. YOU are part of the problem. YOU are the reason there is no pressure on our government to get to the bottom of the autism epidemic. YOU need to take back your profession because if YOU don’t, the blood is on your hands as well. Be strong, take a stand, do the right thing… take back your profession. Save the children. Save our economy. We need YOU.

Millions of Dollars spent, Massive Media Coverage for Zika and Microcephaly – Based on One Autospy Report. Aluminum Found in Five Autistic Brains (N=5)… Media Crickets.

WHEN THE CDC announced that Zika virus had been found in 1 (ONE) brain of an aborted fetus from Brazil back in 2016, they heralded that 1 (ONE) data point as “The Srongest Evidence Yet”.  Here’s the BBC News’s webpage from 10 Feb 2016:


And here is the Washington Post’s coverage:


And look at the page from USA Today:


All of that for ONE autopsy result.

The study published last week by Dr. Chris Exley found high levels of aluminum in 5/5 kids with autism.


CDC has ONE autopsy report.  Dr. Exley has FIVE.

Some have criticized the Exley study for not having “controls”.  I’m sorry?  There is not supposed to be ANY aluminum in children’s brains.  Tested against the…

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