Posted by: Calilo | January 8, 2018

What and Who Killed Colton Berrett?

True Informed consent. Not bullying, not coercion, not lying, not scare stories, not guilt stories, not shaming, not marketing. Doctors need to get educated and get on the right side of history. CHOICE is FREEDOM. MANDATES are FASCISM. If the vaccines work, if the vaccines are not causing harm, if the disease is taking lives then people will take the vaccine. We can not order people to take a risk with their own life and health to protect others and still call ourselves free. It just does not work that way, so find another way.


AT AGE 13, COLTON BERRETT was a motocross king.  He loved shooting, ice sports and scouting. Muscular, athletic… he was the all-American teen male.


Just before going on a Scouting trip, he went in for a medical exam. His doctor advised him, and his parents, to take the HPV vaccine because, according to his doctor: “It can help prevent cancer”.  He was told that even he was not promiscuous, he could potentially pass HPV on to his wife.

Within a few days, Colton was experiencing a sore neck.  Then serious lethargy came.  Then paralysis right arm and hand.  The scans showed that Colton had serious inflammation from the C1 to T12 vertebrae.  He was given an initial diagnosis of transverse myelitis.


As time went on, his top-down paralysis would only get worse. He would eventually stop breathing.  So they intubated him.  Permanently.

The doctors realized that Colton was experiencing a…

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