Posted by: Calilo | January 15, 2018

Why Judging the Vaccine Risk Aware is Cruelty Beyond Measure

The lack of humanity toward those who have suffered is the thing that drives me crazy and drives me to stand up and share what I have learned. Individuals with good information will make the right decision. Governments and industries that hide information and subvert capitalism and democracy with mandates which benefit the shareholders and politicians at the expense of the people should never happen in free society.


WHEN I POSTED my firmly-held understanding of who is responsible for Colton Berrett’s death, I learned about the best of humanity – the loving, caring, people whose hearts go out to Colton’s family, and families like Colton’s.  When I attended and presented at OAMF’s Guillan Barre Syndome event in Columbus, OH, I saw it again – loving health care professionals, vaccine injured, and concerned citizens standing up for informed choice.  Michael Bailey had refused the flu shot, and with his job threatened, he relented (after putting in writing to his place of work his fears of adverse reactions).  Both Colton and Michael Bailey were paralyzed.  Both died.

Unfortunately, I also experienced some of the most disgusting and heartless behavior online.  People denying the the HPV vaccine killed Colton (it most assuredly did).  One online poster callously lecture Michael Bailey’s widow and accused her of “Selective Outrage” and chastised…

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