Posted by: Calilo | February 2, 2018

A Message to Ethical MDs: The Problem with the 2017-8 Flu Vaccine is the 2016-7 Flu Vaccine

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AMERICANS are highly distracted.  They won’t recall the efficacy of the flu vaccine from year to year.  That’s why Sanjay Gupta can go on the news and remind us that his 30% estimate (likely an overestimate) of how well the flu vaccine works is not like past years, the good old days in which the vaccine was 60-70% effective, and not bat an eye.

But when was the last time the flu vaccine was 60-70% effective?  Eight years ago:


This is the CDC’s data (link).  Clearly, Gupta’s “Years” is, in immunological memory, a singular “Year”. One once out of the last 14 years was the flu vaccine above 59% – that that value was not 60-70%, it was 60%.

This type of misrepresentation is a consistent penchant within the media and of course from the CDC to exaggerate and highly emphasized only positive views and diminish, dismiss, or…

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