Posted by: Calilo | April 11, 2018

Fact-Checking Baylor College of Medicine on Autism

Vet everything. Really. If the facts don’t match your beliefs, then adjust your beliefs. Beliefs can change, facts can’t.

BCM just published a blog article entitled “Breaking down myths and truths about autism“.  Here I fact-check the claim made by that article.

BCM- LABELED ‘Myth’: People can “get” autism after receiving childhood vaccines.


BCM CLAIM: “Studies involving hundreds of thousands of children have failed to show a link between vaccines and autism.”

FACT: “VACCINES” NOT STUDIED. First off, the last two words.  “Vaccines and Autism”.  None of the studies cited by the BCM blog article has ever been conducted that measured the risk of autism in vaccinated vs. unvaccinated children.  Not one.  Most looked at the contributed risk of a single vaccine.  Not all of the vaccines on the schedule have been tested for association with autism.

magicFACT: Some studies HAVE reported association between vaccines and autism.  BCM cherry-picked only studies that report no association, and that’s not science.


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