Posted by: Calilo | April 25, 2018

Emily Willingham’s Final, Pathetic Lash at Dr. Wakefield Makes Forbes Magazine Look Completely Foolish as Science Confirms GI/ASD Link

Because Science. Because to question science is scientific. Because to deny science is to deny humanity the benefits of science. Because science marches on…

“One Andrew J. Wakefield” is how Emily Willingham of Forbes magazine refers to Dr. Wakefield (he still holds his medical degree).

In a very weak stretch to grasp one to the last possible straw of tarnish… without really saying anything at all.. Emily Willingham attempts… and fails… to give Dr. Wakefield one more lash at the post to remind anyone who might DARE cite the retracted Lancet article in which he, and his co-authors (1) proposed that GI issues and autism might be somehow related, and (2) propose that autism might be related to vaccination in some people, while, at the same time, citing (and almost criticizing, yikes!) a new study that has validated the GI inflammation associated-with-autism observations in Dr. Wakefield’s PILOT STUDY.

Dr. Wakefield is no longer your, nor anyone else’s whipping boy, Emily.  The jig is up.

Chronic GI inflammation is caused by the same factors…

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