Posted by: Calilo | May 18, 2018

Biased Cochrane Report Ignores Flaws in HPV Vaccine Studies, and Studies of HPV Type Replacement

Misrepresenting science to show the desired outcome….

OBJECTIVITY in science can be corrupted in the design, execution or interpretation of studies. In systematic reviews, and “official” government agency reports it can occur via similar mechanisms. A meta-analysis on the autism/vaccine hypothesis, for example, cited studies that had already been determined to be too flawed for inclusion in such considerations by the Institutes of Medicine, which rejected 17/22 studies. That IOM report itself cited 4 studies as valid that were in reality too low-powered to warrant inclusion. One study was so small that less than on person with ASD would be expected in one of the groups. The Polish study, with 96 vs 198 patients, found no association between vaccination with MMR and autism, but with such a small sample size, and it had too few patients enrolled to have sufficient statistical power. More on the issue of the reliance on low-powered studies to maintain a false…

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