Posted by: Calilo | May 27, 2018

An Open Letter to the US Media: What You Need to Know to Report Ethically in Science and Medicine

Time for the journalists to take back their media.


AS STEEPED IN THE PRIMARY BIOMEDICAL LITERATURE as my life is, I deeply appreciate the press when it covers advances, discoveries, controversies and new studies in science and medicine.

There are three types of such news articles, reflecting three types of reporters.  The first “articles”, Level C articles, are verbatim regurgitation of press releases from companies and universities.  The quotes from researchers are faithfully reproduced, but there is no effort on the part of the reporter.  They propagate proffered quotes included to help the public with interpretation or significance of the study. These articles, however, are not the result of critical analysis on the part of the news source, no attempt to place the report of the study into the context of current events, and no cross-reference to similar studies with similar or differing results.  To me, these outlets are primarily a valuable source of information that studies exist.  By…

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