Posted by: Calilo | January 27, 2019

A Line Too Far: How Pharma Could Lose BIG in the Bid for Stripping Away Vaccine Exemption Rights

100% vaccination without exemption equals maximum vaccine injury to the population. People once never heard of autism when it was 1 in 10,000. Now, at 1 in 36 everyone knows someone affected. What will that number be when 100% vaccination in children is reached. How about Alzheimers in adults when 100% vaccination in the older population is reached? What about early-onset alzheimers in the middle age population? All the other chronic health issues in every population after cradle-to-grave mandates? Yeah.

The California experiment of removing religious and  philosphical exemptions, and then bullying tactics to deny medical exemptions to mandatory vaccination laws is being replicated in States across the country.  These exemptions exist as rights that the people of individual states gave themselves.  Here are some reasons why stripping exemptions and leaving mandates without exemptions is a line too far.

#1. Many families need personal/philosophical exemptions to protect their families from vaccine injury. 

Medical professionals are willfully mislead by CDC, AAP and other organizations on the reality of vaccine injury.  As a scientist who has participated in over 100 research studies of myriad types, including neurodevelopment and immunology, I can say that the denial that vaccine cause both neurodevelopmental disorders and autoimmunity is paper thin.  Let me give you an example.  Researchers routinely induce human autoimmunity disorder in mice using aluminum hydroxide.  Very low doses are needed if a genetic…

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