Posted by: Calilo | April 27, 2019

To School Administrators: Why The Unvaccinated Should be Welcome in Your School

Unless there is an outbreak at a school, it makes no sense to keep anyone out. Pretty sure parents of fragile children, will keep their children out if they fear for their child’s safety in the school setting, whether the unvaxed are excluded from school or not. Because, shed and spread and vaccine failure. And, why are diseases which are not transmissible in the school setting required for attendance, like tetanus, Hep B and HPV among others???? Why is simply getting the required schedule enough? Why not titer checks to prove immunity? One small group of aware parents, either by experience or by critical thinking and the government seeks to remove the religious and conscience rights to keep them in line, rather than trying to fix the actual problem so that people can be confident that their choice to protect against a disease does not result a lifetime of chronic disease? This is wrong on so many levels and any rational critical thinking person with any understanding of the founding principles of this country would see it. Protecting pharma means socially engineering people to believe they are protecting the herd in the name of better public health through a captured government regulatory system and bought medical associations, legislators and media. It was truly a long game and we are in the final seconds….. and it is not just about bragging rights, but who owns your immune system.

YESTERDAY IN OREGON, I gave testimony, registered as neither for nor against, to educate the Ways and Means Committee on scientific facts relevant one of the most draconian bills conceived (HB3063). Oregon has classically been among the most politically diverse and yet tolerant society among all of the US States. The aim of the bill is to remove religious and personal exemptions recognized by the State for school attendance after a handful of measles cases, many in adults. The argument in support of the bill is that immunocompromised kids attending school might become infected with measles, mumps, pertussis, or any of the other allegedly “vaccine preventable diseases”.

The religious exemption removal is breathtaking in its scope, and will likely be found to be unconstitutional if passed. Clearly, if the medical community fails to attribute vaccine adverse events to the vaccine, the law will prevent parents from exercising a…

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