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Biological Mechanisms of Vaccine Injury

I fangirl this scientist. Read this and you will know why….


WHEN DR. CHRIS EXELEY and his research team discovered aluminum co-localized with amyloid plaques in the brains of patients who died from Alzheimer’s, it made big news, even though a study in 1985 discussed the aluminum silicate portion of amyloid. That’s right. We’ve known since 1985 at least that amyloid plaque in the brain is partly aluminum silicate. Now, Exeley’s findings completely destroy any hope that aluminum somehow stayed out of the brain,


Aluminum, it turns out, plays a critical role in our understanding of the biological mechanisms of vaccine injury. In this article, I will review the scientific evidence of four major ways that vaccines can cause harm. These are (1) Vaccine-Induced Mitopathy; (2) Vaccine-Induced Persistent Gliosis; (3) Vaccine-Induced Endoplasmic Reticulum Damage, and (4) Vaccine-Induced Autoimmunity (to appear as a separate article). My intent and purpose is not and has never been to discourage anyone from…

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Posted by: Calilo | November 24, 2017

An Open Letter to Megan Babb, MD

This is why people are losing trust in doctors. The truth could not be more obvious. The science could not be more muddy, yet some doctors will condescend to keep themselves at the top of the heap. The profession risks losing its’ shine because of drug and policy pushers whose only goal is what? Keep kids healthy? That is laughable.


Dr. Babb,

I know you mean well. I know you believe you are “keeping little ones safe”.

But unfortunately you exemplify what’s wrong with our medical professionals today.

What you don’t realize (or worse, don’t want anyone to know you realize) is that by vaccinating little ones and big ones against B. pertussis in advance of the birth of an infant, you’re creating silent carriers of whooping cough who can infect that newborn baby with the wild-type pertussis bacterium.

What you don’t realize is that medical professionals who do not leave work for ten days after being vaccinated against pertussis are a reliable and consistent source of wild-type B. pertussis via asymptomatic transmission. You really should wear a mask. You do realize that whooping cough can kill, right?

What you don’ t know is that the 250 micrograms of aluminum in the HepB shot is causing respiratory distress and deaths…

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Protect the gut.

CFS Remission

Your patient may have referred you to this blog. This physician directed page may assist you to get up to speed on evaluating the risks, benefits and logic of a model that I am proposing.  I am not advocating a specific generic treatment, but a way of approaching treatment for individual CFS patients.

Original Study from 1998

This was presented in Australia in 1998, Faecal Microbial Growth Inhibition in Chronic Fatigue/Pain Patients. The key finding was no or low lactobacillus, bifidobacterium and/or E.Coli. You can test and verify that in your own patients. Many CFS patients have used In dozens of results that I have reviewed this pattern has been constant.

Simple Model

CFS symptoms are caused by a severe disturbance of metabolites produced by the microbiome being altered. The microbiome has stabilized in an unhealthy state. Various definitions have been proposed with one common characteristic: You must…

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The Cost of Rejecting a Cure For Autism


Walking In Quicksand

In the United States, an estimated $262 billion per yearis spent on care and services for people with autism. This number does not include social security and benefit payments. If the startling trend of better diagnosis increased autism rates continues, care of individuals with autism in the United States will exceed one trillion dollars per year before we know it.

The staggering costs associated with caring for people with autism starkly contrast the limited and wasteful funds spent on autism research each year. Roughly $300 million is spent on autism research yearly, 75% of which is paid for by the Federal government.

This means that over $800 is spent caring for people with autism for every dollar spent researching autism. Of course, what constitutes autism research is broad and a great deal of it focuses not on relief from symptoms or preventing autism in the first place, but on genetics…

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How to win any vaccine debate – part 1

Hard to believe the vaccine program is so f’d up, but it really is.

Levi Quackenboss


We’ve all heard the most common talking points of pharma-sponsored vaccine propaganda in the mainstream media, but sometimes it’s hard to conjure up the right response when the same unfounded soundbites come at you in real life.

Save this blog. And the next and the next. I’ve got your answers for you.

#1 When they say, “Scientific studies have proven that vaccines don’t cause autism!”

Then you say, “Despite what you’ve heard in the media, only one shot and one ingredient have ever been studied for their role in causing autism.”

In the following two CDC (Centers for Disease Control) studies, just one shot– out of the ten single and combination shots on the infant vaccination schedule– and one ingredient– out of more than three dozen– have ever been studied in relation to autism. And both studies reek of scientific fraud.

The MMR (measles-mumps-rubella) study

Dr. William Thompson, a scientist…

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Today, in the media coverage for the bad lot of flu vaccines they say there is no safety issue, but come and get another vax because we are unsure if it worked. Can’t they just test tites to see if it worked? What a bunch of BS… just get another vax.


IT IS TEMPTING to choose sides in the “debate” that is more like a circus of the media panicking and screaming “VACCINES ARE SAFE” (really?  clearly not for everyone!)  and the so-called “Anti-vax” (how I loathe that term, so I use “Vaccine Risk Aware”) side claiming that vaccines had nothing to do with the downturn of infectious pathogens (in some cases they didn’t – no vaccine for TB, for example, and it followed the same trend).  When I say “claiming” I say it because the history of vaccination includes doctors exploring inoculations on their own dating far, far, far before disease rates were adequately tracked.

‘The Woe is Me’ Part

I’ve been harangued by pro-vax “trolls” and “shills” (although I try to never call them names) and by hard-core, self-described anti-vaxxers alike.  The greater part of the AV crowd seems to get that I’m just a scientist, and as such…

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Important Read.


Bertrand Russell stated, in 1959, to future generations:

” I should like to say two things, one intellectual and one moral.

The intellectual thing I should want to say to them is this: When you are studying any matter, or considering any philosophy, ask yourself only what are the facts and what is the truth that the facts bear out. Never let yourself be diverted either by what you wish to believe, or by what you think would have beneficent social effects if it were believed. But look only, and solely, at what are the facts. That is the intellectual thing that I should wish to say.

The moral thing I should wish to say to them is very simple: I should say, love is wise, hatred is foolish. In this world which is getting more and more closely interconnected, we have to learn to tolerate each other, we have to learn to…

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The Vaccine Ides of March

Epidemic of meningitis and immune deficiency on the horizon… caused by the ‘vaccine’.


On Wednesday, March 15, 2017, I testified to the Public Health & Welfare Committee of the Kansas State Senate. Which is lucky for the makers (Pfizer & GSK) of the fake meningitis serogroup B vaccines, Trumenba & Bexsero, because I had been pursuing legal action against them for their False Claims that these toxic potions are actually vaccines.

At issue was HB 2205, a requirement for Kansas 11-year-olds to be stuck with meningitis vaccines. As written, the bill did not specify which vaccines would be required–there are separate vaccines for serogroups A/C/W/Y and serogroup B.

First of all, I will point out that nobody on this committee, which includes at least one physician and one pharmacist, nor the bill’s sponsor, another MD/Senator, bothered to make that distinction. Did they even know this little fact? Do they care? We shall see. The bottom line is that I, a private citizen and non-scientist…

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Why is the media attacking the flu vaccine?


Levi Quackenboss

We all know by now that our “free press” has deeply embedded editors and producers who take their marching orders directly from pharmaceutical companies and the CDC. Their job is to postpone, water down, spin, or kill stories that hurt public health profits.


Whenever you see a vaccine article that strikes you as negative– or hell, even fair and balanced– it’s a red flag that big wheels are in motion behind the scenes; you just don’t know what the outcome is going to be yet.

I’ve seen it twice in three weeks with the meningitis b vaccine.  On August 18th NBC ran an article about two girls, both of whom had been vaccinated for men b, both of whom were in perfect health, and both of whom were killed by men b anyway. The article points out that the CDC’s recommendation for the vaccine is permissive, and that getting…

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Never stop questioning? First, it is not scientific. Second, free flow of information is grease that keeps the wheels of capitalism turning. People must have the information so that they can make informed decisions about the environment they choose to live in.


We see many social skeptics speaking about “detoxification” and how it is a scam. We are told that the term “detox” is merely used to swindle credulous people into buying supplements and making lifestyle changes which have no proof of effectiveness. We are told something along the lines of “Detox is just “anti-scientific” nonsense that has no scientific evidence. The scientists and doctors who talk about detoxification are just charlatan cranks. We have our liver and kidneys to detox us AND the dose makes the poison. The industry regulates chemicals and they are all safe in the amounts they are present in.” If you read from common social skeptic websites and so-called “sci-communicators” this will sound very familiar to you, as it is regularly pushed by those who hold this viewpoint.

(Below is an example image from a social skeptic that illustrates this viewpoint).

Is what they’re saying…

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