Posted by: Calilo | December 24, 2017

Ebola Two Years On: Mistakes We Must Not Repeat

I fangirl this guy…. I love it when he talks science.

WHEN THOMAS ERIC DUNCAN landed in the US and brought Ebola to Texas, infecting two nurses, one of whom was given then green light to board a plane even though she had been exposed, serious gaffs were made by CDC.  The nurses (in fact all health care workers) were given the wrong protection gear instructions from the CDC. Then-Director at the CDC Thomas Frieden was hauled in front of Congress, and skewered by the House Select Committee.  When Freiden testified to Congress that he would not be concerned about an outbreak occurring in the United States unless there was a mutation in this virus, and in his words, “there are none”, he was doing was CDC does best: he was putting policy before science.

There were actually 396 mutations in the virus compared to the strain isolated in 1995 from an outbreak in Zaire. I was actually analyzing them during…

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