Posted by: Calilo | March 6, 2018

Dear Dr. Holtrop and AAP: “I Don’t Know” and “Just Following Orders” Are Not Acceptable Position for Pediatricians on Vaccine Contents and Vaccine Risk

No words.


DR. TERESA HOLTROP is the Michigan Director of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), recently testified in a case in Michigan in which a mom objects to vaccination based on two points;

(1) She is religious and does not want to have products made cells derived from aborted fetuses injected into her daughter, and

(2) She is concerned that her daughter may be at increased risk of adverse events due to the very high penetrence of autoimmune disorders in her family.

Holtrop was brought to the case as a witness for the father, who claims he wants his daughter vaccinated.  In reality, vaccination for him is a convenience issue added to this case over child support, of which he is failing to pay; the father never tried to have his daughter vaccinated until the child support debt began adding up.

By any analysis, Holtrop’s testimony was a disaster for the…

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