Posted by: Calilo | April 8, 2018

The Untested Autism Hypothesis

Causation requires correlation and biologic plausibility… and a double blind placebo controlled study.

There will never be a gold standard study as forcing kids to take a vaccine that could harm them is unethical… oh, wait… I mean, go without a life-saving vaccine. /s

IF YOU READ THE NEWS, every time any story deals with vaccines, we’re told the same story, over and over – that vaccines do not cause autism, that the ‘theory’ (a misuse of the term) was ‘debunked’ because a doctor conducted a fraudulent study and the study was retracted, and that many other studies since have determined there is “no association”…

(1) Wait, when was that study?


The news acts as if that study – which was an “Early Report”, and never did anything but merely conclude that vaccines should be studied for a possible link – the news acts as if that study was the ONLY study ever conducted.

They ignore studies that have been conducted since that HAVE found association.  That’s called ‘cherry picking’.

(2) What no one seems to understand is that since that study, and since the apparently fraudulent studies that cooked the data ten…

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